Active donations


The TAPS Charity Fund has launched a fundraiser for boats that will help the military move quickly on water during combat missions and evacuate the wounded.

BACKPACK "Rolltop"

The TAPS Charity Fund has opened a fundraiser to purchase universal modular backpacks to support Ukrainian military personnel!


The "TAPS" charitable foundation has started a fundraiser for universal Kevlar protection for the Ukrainian military, which will save their lives!

Means of Electronic Warfare (EW)

The "TAPS" charity fund has launched a fundraiser for the EW PARASOL 01 and EW PARASOL 02, which will help the military disrupt the execution of enemy UAV tasks in various ranges targeting the destruction of personnel or equipment.


The "TAPS" charitable foundation opened a fundraising for ATVs, which will be assistants in the transportation of soldiers and the evacuation of the wounded.