Tetyana Khorolska

Head of the Board of TAPS-Ukraine NGO

Tetiana takes a proactive position in the organization. Despite the trauma of the loss of her husband in the war, she has raised two children and later found her way in helping the same mothers and wives, organizing leisure and education for children of fallen Heroes of Ukraine.

During 2014-2015 served as a volunteer in the organization and supported injured men who returned alive.

If we consider her work with children, Tetiana can be both serious and cheerful, rational and caring, if necessary, not sleeping all night on the road, laughing and telling life stories. She perfectly organizes the logistics of children travels, where small travelers are always happy, well-fed and healthy. All trips are thought out in the smallest detail due to her professional qualities.

This is how Tetiana’s public activity in TAPS-Ukraine began.

The visit to TAPS International in Washington, DC, inspired Tetiana to launch the project "Mentor as a double rehabilitation for veterans and children of the fallen Heroes"

During 2018-2020 the woman was studying the experience in this area and together with like-minded people was establishing international contacts and seeking resources to launch a large-scale program in Ukraine with the center in the Dnipro.

Tetiana is always open to cooperation, and new meetings and actively works to improve the quality of life of those affected by the war.


Olena Shilova

Deputy Head of the Board of TAPS-Ukraine NGO

Психологиня TAPS-Україна і дружина загиблого захисника України.

Має дуже активну життєву позицію і оптимізм, який разом з енергійністю поєднує у своїй роботі. В організації переважно працює з дружинами, надаючи їм не просто поради, а мотиваційні поштовхи до змін.

Завдяки своїм навичкам коуч- та бізнес-тренера і хорошій інтуїції може виявити, до якого виду діяльності схильна людина, яка пережила втрату, і може запропонувати новий погляд на життєві проблеми та їх вирішення.

Її особисті переживання навчили нас всіх знаходити вихід з будь-яких ситуацій, зрозуміти, що звертатись за допомогою це вже крок до нового етапу розуміння себе, що ми маємо жити з пам‘ятю про наших Героїв, продовжуючи любити.

Олена є позитивним двигунчиком і емоцією в TAPS-Україна. Вона ураган втілення ідей і заряджає членів TAPS на позитивні зміни.


Lyubov Polyova

Deputy Head of the Board of TAPS-Ukraine NGO

Liubov coped with the loss of her son in the East and later she lost her second son. She went through her own rehabilitation way and now unites the same mothers. The woman shares her own experience and supports mothers who also feel the loss. She helps women find inner resources to live a normal and full life.

It is thanks to her efforts that mothers who come to the foundation receive quality psychological support and participate in various social activities.

According to Liubov, only the mother can fully understand the same mother.

Liubov is a proactive, kind and sensual person, it is always interesting speaking and traveling with her.


Svitlana Guba

Deputy Head of the Board of TAPS-Ukraine NGO

Svitlana lost her husband and is raising her son. Having experienced the loss, the woman passed through quite a complicated rehabilitation process.

Svitlana is working in a hospital. She is quite an emotional person who charges everyone making them smile.

Having met hundreds of relatives of fallen Heroes of Ukraine during different events, today Svitlana helps the families to save the memory of those who didn’t come back from the war. The woman is saving the memory by publishing photos and stories of Ukrainian Heroes on the Facebook page - Memory TAPS (The life cut by war).

After the visit to TAPS International headquarters in the USA Svitlana’s priority is to support the families by saving the fragile memory of Heroes of Ukraine in history.

The motto: “A person is alive till people remember”

Families members


Liliya Kravets

Member of TAPS-Ukraine

Liliia manages humanitarian projects. She is the sister of the fallen Hero of Ukraine. Starting from 2014 Liliia is volunteering to support militaries and veterans.

The woman worked in the volunteer division and fulfilled a lot of important and hard tasks. The theme of such interaction with the families appeared in the woman's life during the preparation for a memory event dedicated to the anniversary of the tragedy in Ilovaysk. At that time, Liliya witnessed that her support positively influences the families members' emotional conditions.

In TAPS-Ukraine Liliia fulfills the tasks of the project manager. She always enthusiastically develops different directions of work with the families of killed militaries in the organization: starting from charitable actions and entertainment to training and special events organization.

Liliia is one of the initiators of the “Small steps to each other” Forum for the families of fallen Heroes that was held in September 2020 in Dnipro.

In case you have ideas, Liliia is a person who can help with the realization of any unreal projects.


Maryna Shakhnyk


Maryna is the woman with “golden hands” who is able to turn simple events and things into a beautiful pieces of art.

Maryna lost her husband in the war. He was a reliable support for the family. Nevertheless, she didn’t lose faith and joined our team in the role of a creative volunteer who always invents new types of handmade activities: starting from patchwork to sewing. She managed to raise her daughter on her own and today she is a student.

Maryna attended TAPS in America together with the founders and other volunteers. There she received a unique experience and began learning English. This will help Maryna to support those who lost their loved ones in Ukraine.

When the quarantine began, Maryna took part in providing handmade protective masks to the families of the fallen Heroes of Ukraine as well as helped with the collecting of humanitarian aid. If you want to gain new skills or create some handmade artwork, Maryna is here to tell and demonstrate that art can be one of the basics for adaptation and self-realization.

Maryna has a great sense of humor and an open soul. So if you want to share emotions and learn, we offer to turn to Maryna Shakhnyk.



Olga Illarionova

Master of Psychology, psychotherapist, teacher

Olga has 15 years of experience in scientific & pedagogical and public activity in higher educational institutions of Dnipro and 25 years of professional activity in the field of practical psychology.

The woman is a psychotherapist (group-analytical psychotherapy), member of the Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists.

Author of scientific, popular science and educational publications. Her research themes: age and social psychology, psychology of trauma (military trauma), psychological assistance in case of loss, psychotherapy.

Starting from April 2014 Olga is a member of the Dnipro state crises psychology center and the Ukrainian association of specialists in overcoming the consequences of traumatic events NGO. There she worked as a volunteer with all categories of citizens suffering from the military conflict: militaries, veterans and members of their families, the families of killed ATO Heroes, members of families of temporarily displaced people, volunteers.

During 2016-2018 Olha worked in the FORPOST NGO as a psychologist and psychotherapist. She worked with the military, veterans and their families, IDPs, and families of the dead Heroes.

As a teacher, she conducted educational and training activities for all those who needed to learn psychological support for victims (volunteers, social and medical professionals, etc).

In 2018-19 she trained and was certified as a Trainer of the 8-Step Loss Program for adults, children and adolescents by the Center for Loss at Akershus University Hospital (SFSS), Norway.

During her volunteer work, Olha passed several training projects on dealing with trauma and has Gratitude certificates from various organizations for her contribution to overcoming the consequences of the military conflict.

Currently, she is a self-employed person, a private psychologist and a psychotherapist.


Oleg Chebanenko

Psychologist of TAPS-Ukraine

Oleh is a valuable person during the meetings aimed to generate new ideas.

Starting from 2014 he works with the families of dead militaries whom he helps to find new motivations and opportunities to continue living.

The man was the initiator of the “Family circle” that was transformed into an NGO and united the families at that stage. Oleh has become a volunteer since TAPS-Ukraine was created.

He initiated a lot of different events and activities: marathons, general cinema watching, barbeques, kayak riding, fishing as well as individual meetings.

Oleh works with men and parents giving them advice and charging them with his passion for tourism. The man believes that travel and recreation are one of the best methods of rehabilitation and nervous system renewal.



Yuliya Dmitrova

Adviser on International Relations and Coordination of International Humanitarian Aid

Yuliia is the ideological inspirer of TAPS-Ukraine.

She effectively combines her role as the Deputy Social Policy Director in Dnipro City Council and as a dedicated volunteer in the organization. That is exactly Yuliia who managed to unite the families of Dnipro and involve everyone who is now in the organization thanks to her energy and persistence. There is nothing impossible for her, she is able to support even those who can not fully value her human actions today.

Yuliia is able to unite and motivate people around her, then load half a car with humanitarian aid and deliver it to people in need during hostilities or quarantine.

Quite often Yuliia’s most fantastic ideas turn into reality as she can effectively distribute roles and missions among a like-minded team of people. When she is asked: “How the mother of three children can cover all these?”, she smiles and answers: “I love it”. Yuliia is one of the most active initiators of the Forum for the families of the fallen Heroes of Ukraine and in general, she greatly supports all the activities in the organization.


Kateryna Chyzhyk

Volunteer of TAPS-Ukraine

Kateryna is the mother of an adult daughter and the wife of the Ukrainian defender. She perfectly combines a creative approach to working processes with the art of systematization and planning.

Before working in the organization, Kateryna received 6 years of experience in active involvement in volunteering units, collecting humanitarian aid for temporarily displaced people, and in supporting veterans and families of dead militaries in the process of identification, burial, and registration of social benefits and search for housing. The woman became one of the main organizers of tourist and educational trips for children of the fallen Heroes of Ukraine to Poland, Litva, the Carpathians, and the sea retreats of Ukraine. Kateryna has economic and legal education. Her professional experience and bright nature help her to convince the team to create a new project, which will be both useful and interesting. She is one of the initiators of the “Small steps to each other” Forum for the families of the fallen Heroes of Ukraine.

After a work trip to TAPS headquarters in Washington Kateryna decided that mentorship can be her next step in professional development. Currently, she actively works in this direction together with her colleagues in order to effectively support the families and veterans.


Nina Yeloyeva

Volunteer of TAPS-Ukraine

Nina is a doctor, the mother of two sons, and has three grandchildren. She began her volunteer activity during the Revolution of Dignity.

One of her priorities is assistance to the militaries, education of Ukrainian children and youth, and promotion of normal life for temporarily displaced persons (humanitarian/medical assistance).

The woman’s key task in the organization is to plan meetings and resettlement of families during their arrival in the Dnipro, patriotic upbringing of children.

Nina is a kind person and is able to find an approach to any person. She is also able to find the right specialists for the family in need in the shortest term: be it a lawyer or a doctor or a representative of state service.

We can speak a lot about Nina, but it is better to get to know her and become friends. Her human qualities and real intent to help those in need characterize her better than just words.


Nataliya Goroshko

Volunteer of TAPS-Ukraine

Nataliia is a teacher at Dnipro Polytechnic University, a volunteer and a social worker.

When her close person died in Ilovaysk she immediately became involved in supporting volunteers and militaries together with her brother. The woman collected food and clothes for the needs on the frontline.

Later Nataliia began volunteering in the Prisoners search center as well as passed a number of educational courses on psychological rehabilitation to work with militaries.

Her experience and ability to work in various programs help the woman to create and systemize huge volumes of data regarding families, specialists and partners of the organization.

Nataliia teacher’s nature helps her to effectively distribute tasks, she thinks that the results will be always perfect in case the work is thoroughly planned.

Nataliia is opened person who highly values fairness, honesty, and integrity. She is a team player and takes responsibility, this unites people in the organization. She can be trusted with any activity.


Pavlo Zakipniy

Volunteer of TAPS-Ukraine

Pavlo is the person-energizer. He has been involved in volunteering since 2014 trying not to refuse anyone, he actively volunteers in the East of the country.

During all these 8 years he almost every month visits military divisions, delivers humanitarian aid as well as organizes volunteer cultural events for militaries and children living in frontline cities together with Dmitriy Povorotniy (military chaplain).

Pavlo’s motto: “Who if not me”. The man’s volunteer activity in the organization varies from delivery of humanitarian aid or furniture to meeting families at a railway station and delivery of personal hygiene products during the pandemic.

He is faultless and charismatic.

Pavlo is very kind and considerate. It is difficult to find a unit where Pavlo would not be known for his hectic initiative.

If there are impossible tasks - you need to call Pavlo, he can ...


Kateryna Leonova

Communication manager

Before the Revolution of Dignity and the beginning of the war, Kateryna was working in the sphere of cultural and art events organization.

A caring person ... - this is how she answers questions about her profession.

Own creative skills and not standard approach helped her in volunteering and working as press secretary of Dnipro-1 volunteer combatants division.

During the war, Kateryna was organizing concerts on the frontline for militaries and still continues supporting those who defend the country.

After she faced the loss of her close friends in Ilovaisk, the communication with the wives and families of the fallen militaries, and the participation in the treatment and rehabilitation of militaries, Kateryna changed her activity direction. Today she combines the position of PR manager and the social worker, who helps militaries and their families to find support or receive necessary medical and legal advice quickly and effectively.

When she is asked "Why are you doing this, you don't have much trouble?", Kateryna always answers "people suffering pain together are able to understand each other and become a strong support to each other".

Kateryna is an absolutely human person and therefore can never pass someone else's pain. If you need to find yourself, then her creativity can help you try something unusual in everyday life and look at the same situations from a different angle.

In TAPS-Ukraine she is responsible for the publicity and openness of the organization, creativity and art.